I’ve been to this place a number of times and although I have had some really good food there from time to time I have also had some really bad food too. My last visit was less then stellar. In fact I had to send my food back because it was inedible.

This is a cafe and has the typical cafe fare on the menu, burgers, breakfasts, soup, sandwiches, well you get the idea. It is simple food that should be easy to knock out of the park each and every time it’s served. Unfortunately that is not the case. 

On my last two visits I ordered the “Nob Dog Platter”, a footlong Nathan’s dog split and filled with cheddar cheese, fried onions and bacon.


Nobside Cafe, Nob Dog Platter (Everyman Gourmet / News4)


The first time I had the Nob Dog I was impressed. The dog was well cooked, had a nice snap when you bit into it and was full of flavour.  

My most recent visit was the polar opposite. It was over cooked to the point of having the consistency of a deep fried eraser. The fries that came with the platter were greasy, from frozen and could have used a few more minutes in the fryer to complete cooking.

Now that being said I realize that sometimes people are just off their game and I am willing to give the Nobside Cafe the benefit of the doubt. When the issues of my over cooked meal was brought to their attention they immediately rectified the situation. Which is what any good food service provider should do.

To be fair I was with two other people when I dined in this establishment and they were quite happy with the quality, taste and presentation of the meals. One had the Bison Trail Burger with Fries the other had the mini breakfast, one egg, shredded potatoes, two sausage links and two pancakes.


In conclusion my experience with the Nobside Cafe is hit and miss. 



The Everyman Gourmet


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