The federal and provincial governments announced Friday that they will be putting up $4.5 million in funding for Phase 2 of the Motivelab at Red River College.

The MotiveLab will allow year round use of a climate chamber that can simulate extreme temperatures ranging from -40c to +50c. The purpose is to allow research into light and heavy vehicles. Part of the funding will be used to construct an Engine Dynamometer Test Cell which is a device for measuring force, torque, or power.


“Investing in research and technology development facilities that enable the training of highly skilled workers is a priority for our government as we work to strengthen linkages between training institutions and employers, and address labour market needs in our economy,” said Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart. “Red River College is helping to lead the way in this regard and the province is pleased to be a partner in this project that will strengthen the combined competitiveness of Manitoba’s heavy equipment manufacturing sector and labour force.”

Red River College developed the MotiveLab concept to enable local heavy-vehicle manufacturers to undertake vehicle-related research and technology development to create products that are more environmentally friendly and perform better in extreme climates.

“These infrastructure investments will create good, well-paying jobs that can help the middle class grow and prosper today, while also delivering sustained economic growth for years to come,” said Robert Falcon-Ouellette, MP for Winnipeg Centre.  

The federal government is providing $3 million with the province and the college each putting in $1.5 million to the project.

“Manitoba’s heavy vehicle manufacturing sector is a cornerstone of our economy, and this research and testing facility is a direct result of our close ties with manufacturers, as well as our efforts to meet current and future training and technology needs,” said Paul Vogt, President and CEO of Red River College. 

-News4 Staff-

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